You will need internet access and a Cashflow Manager Cloud subscription. Both Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers are suitable. If you use a tablet we recommend that the tablet has a separate external keyboard because of the column format Cashflow manager Cloud uses.

Security has been a major focus when developing the program. We use Amazon's highly secure and fully backed up servers located in Sydney. We recommend you use strong passwords on your files as well.

Yes, just create a login and select to run the trial. Note that the trial version has a limited number of transactions and information does not transfer into a paid subscription file. However, please DO NOT use your business name for the trial as this will cause a conflict when you start your subscription.

Unlike the Cashflow Manager PC programs that have a 30-day full working trial, the ‘cloud’ trial has limited transactions per month for an unlimited time. However, the data does not convert when you subscribe to use the program. We also recommend that you use an alternative name for the trial as using you rbusiness name will cause a conflict when you start your subscription.

The subscription is $22 and debited from your credit card each month.

The Cashflow Manager Cloud subscription applies to a single business. If you have multiple businesses you will need a subscription for each business.

Payments are made by an automatic monthly deduction from the card provided by the user. If the card defaults, you will be provided several opportunities to rectify the situation before the account is suspended. When payment is made, the account will be reactivated.

‘Cashflow Manager Cloud’ is similar to the Cashflow Manager program and includes tracking receipts (money in), payments (money out), reconciling to your bank accounts, budgets and customer invoices. It also has the reports for these transactions so you can manage your business, prepare your taxes and manage the money owed to you by your clients.

‘Cashflow Manager Cloud’ does not include supplier invoices, inventory management or payroll (wages) in this release.

We will be continually developing ‘Cashflow Manager Cloud’ for extra functionality but we are unable to advise when this will become available.

Not yet. The program currently has customer invoicing but other features such as supplier invoices, inventory management and wages will be in future stages of development.

At this stage there is one version and this will have regular micro updates automatically installed, you will not need to do any updates. Later there will be major functionality upgrades and these may be different versions.

The Cloud is a totally separate program and has its own file. Due to some new features in the Cloud we cannot import existing desktop files into the Cloud at this stage.

Not yet. This is in future development. PC and Cloud are different systems. You will need to begin a new file in the Cloud and enter data manually.

No. The Cloud program provides 2 standard templates to choose from. They are fixed templates and cannot be customised.

We recommend you print all your reports or save them electronically as PDF documents. Keep them with your other records such as invoices, receipts, financial statements, etc., so you have access to the necessary information. This is good practice when your business ceases, at the end of every reporting period and at least annually.

As long as the account is not in default, the accountant can access the client’s records if given permission by the client. If the account has been suspended, neither the client nor the accountant can access the records. Access to a suspended account in the case of a deceased estate would be subject to all the usual legal requirements of accessing records from a deceased estate.

Yes. Clients can select their accountants if they are Inner Circle members when they register the program. Inner Circle members can then access different clients with a single sign-on. If an accountant or bookkeeper is not an Inner Circle member, the client can add them as a user in the same way that they add other users to the program.

No. Cashflow Manager Pty Ltd collects the subscriptions from clients.

One subscription has unlimited users. Access is controlled by the owner of the subscription who can add or remove users to the account.

Your ‘Cashflow Manager Cloud’ subscription includes support for the cloud program. You will only need to pay the CARE subscription if you are continuing to use the PC program.

No. The Cloud is a separate program with a monthly subscription. It is not related to your CARE membership or desktop software.

No. Direct Debit is the only payment method.

There is no function to remove these details in the system as yet. Contact our office on 1300 88 78 68 and we can remove them manually for you.

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