Cashflow Manager Cloud

The Easy Way To Keep Great Accounting Records Using The Internet

Online accounting

The term ‘cloud’ essentially relates to accessing data or software programs over the internet without the need for owning or even understanding much about the technology.

The big advantage of cloud accounting software is that you can login to do your accounts or review reports from anywhere you have an internet connection. You are not limited by having to be in your office with your desktop computer that has the software on it.

It also means you do not need to install any software yourself. You simply login to the application from your internet browser and do what you need to do.

Your data is secure

Your data belongs to you - not your accountant or anyone else. And it is stored on Sydney based servers hosted by Amazon one of the largest cloud hosting companies in the world, to ensure your data's security.

Never have to backup again

Another benefit is that your data is backed up for you. With desktop software you need to make sure you have regular backups and manually install software updates when they are released. With 'Cashflow Manager Cloud' this is all done for you so you have piece of mind if your computer is crashes or is stolen.

Easy to use

But what about the program itself… Why ‘Cashflow Manager Cloud’?

For centuries, accounting systems used to be ‘manual’ using ledger cards or books and, more recently, a calculator to do the adding up. Then computers arrived and accounting software became the media of choice for most small business owners because the computer would do all the calculations saving countless hours in the process. Now the new media or new technology is the ‘cloud’ where you access your data from any computer over the internet.

The important thing to understand though is that although the media has changed over time, the record keeping concepts have not. So even with the latest cloud technology, if you do not understand ‘double entry accounting’ with its journal entries and chart of accounts, it does not matter what media you use, you will still have issues that can be very costly.

Accountants used to say that most of their small business clients could not provide them with reconciled records. Then in 1990 we introduced the ‘Cashflow Manager’ manual recordkeeping system and proved that small business owners can keep reconciled records if they have a system that makes it easy.

In 1996 we introduced the PC version of Cashflow Manager and in the years since, accountants have consistently testified that most (up to 98%) of clients keep reconciled records using the program.

This was because we used the same easy column system in the software as we had in the Cashflow Manager manual system. It was only the media that changed to save time with its added advantages of doing all the calculations that had to previously be done manually.


over 70%” of his clients use Cashflow Manager and that “98% provide reconciled records”. Comparatively, “10%-20% of clients using other programs reconcile”, which is a substantial difference


Michael OsborneMcMahon Osborne Consulting, VIC



With the introduction of the cloud, we are taking advantage of the flexibility that the new technology offers, while retaining the same easy column methodology that has been proven in both the manual system and the software to be easy for small business owners.

So the difference is… with ‘Cashflow Manager Cloud’ you can easily keep great records even when you have not been trained in accounting.

Unlimited transactions, no limit on invoices and cost effective

Another advantage of ‘Cashflow Manager Cloud’ is that you can have unlimited transactions to record as many receipts and payments along with as many invoices as you need for your business, all for one low fee of just $22 per month.

There is also an option for a free trial to make sure it meets your needs. We want you to be sure the program is right for you.

Free telephone support

In fact, as well as internet based support such as training videos, answers to frequently asked questions and options to chat to someone online, Cashflow Manager Cloud also has free telephone support so you can talk to a real person based in our Adelaide office when you need some assistance.

In summary…

Our goal is to bring you the simplest small business accounting software in the cloud to make your bookkeeping easier!